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They say good artists borrow, and great artists steal. In an effort to ensure greatness for the cover of our debut EP, No Yes No has stolen roughly 1500 times.

Since the music is a digital-only release, we thought we’d have some fun with the album art. For 33.3% of the band, “fun” includes Javascript, Google API and wget commands that the other 66.6% doesn’t understand.

The end result is a unique cover for every person who downloads the free EP from www.noforever.com. Each download composites a slightly different cover, which takes an ever-growing database of really wonderful and really horrible album covers (from artists respected, reviled and also totally unknown), cuts it into tiny little slivers, and bends it to our will.

While the basic form remains the same, the tone of each random cover is strikingly different. One click might get you a muted black & white landscape; another might get you a hippie Technicolor nightmare. Since the universe can be cruel and unforgiving, we have included a ‘Re-Art’ button which will allow you to click until you get a cover you like. You can also click the ‘View All’ to select from thousands of other covers to see if someone else got luckier than you.

(Lawyers: Please note the word ‘FREE’ if you can identify the single pixel-wide slice of your current cash cow’s work that has been appropriated into ours.)

In addition to this technology indistinguishable from magic, clicking the ‘Download’ button also gets you five tracks of actual music, made by semi-reformed indie rockers with laptops. Our names are Scott Altmann, Mark Pernice and Tom Mallon.


released March 31, 2011

No Yes No is Scott Altmann and Mark Pernice and Tom Mallon. Nicole Childrey helped on drums. Mixed and recorded at Miner Street and Junxt Studio by No Yes No, Jonathan Low and Mark Lewis. Mastered at Bonati Mastering.



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No Yes No Philadelphia, New York

We are Scott Altmann, Mark Pernice, Tom Mallon. We live in New York and Philadelphia.

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